Conflict resolution scripts designed to reduce overwhelm & amp up your ease

To throw, catch & keep in the air, several things simultaneously. Recognize what word that’s a definition for?  Do you recognize yourself in it?  I hope so because you’re probably a master at doing it. That’s the definition of juggling. Overwhelm with a capital O Juggling all you need to do for your work, your […]


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5 apps to turn your smartphone into a personal assistant

I’ve been using a virtual assistant through Get Friday for years now.  The cultural differences sometimes get us stuck (he works from India) but the efficiency makes for some kind of humming along. That’s why my interest was perked with this article reprinted below from Mashable.  Check it out.  Happy humming. 1. Google Now Word […]


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Bringing ease & efficiency – say it with me ‘ease & efficiency’ – to you & your life

Who wants some ease?  Some efficiency? When time is tight, demands are high and stress is all you can see and feel around you … bring on the ease & efficiency. When time is loose, demands are low and stress is a dot on the far  horizon, still … bring on more ease & efficiency. […]


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