Studying entrepreneurship without doing it ….

Studying entrepreneurship without doing it …is like studying the appreciation of music without listening to it, says Seth Godin. The cost of setting up a lemonade stand (or whatever metaphorical equivalent you dream up) is almost 100% internal. Until you confront the fear and discomfort of being in the world and saying, “here, I made […]


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White Hot Truth with Danielle LaPorte

On the eve of launching her new Firestarter Session e-book I sat down with good friend and colleague Danielle LaPorte, of White Hot Truth fame to interview her.  Hang onto your fire poker and as we go with the Q &A. Q: For those who aren’t already in the know, who are you and what […]


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Looking up and out, not just down and in

Ever get your head so far buried in your work that you forget to look up and out?  Up for new ideas?  Out for new ways to connect?  Read on for a simple way of harnessing technology for good, that is to reach out and up. Having your head down, your office door shut and […]


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Business lessons from coffeemeister George Moen of Blenz

George Moen, the President of Blenz, recently spoke to a group I belong to, the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs E-series program, and as I chuckled through his engaging presentation, I learned these four lessons about business. 1. Look to your roots When George was a wee lad of 11 he managed to get a gaggle […]


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Arlene Dickinson: We’ve come a long way …. baby?

Last night I listened to business owner, entrepreneur and TV star Arlene Dickinson of the Dragon’s Den at the Forum for Women Entrepreneur’s Gala Event.  Her captivating journey to entrepreneurship is made more impressive by her humble beginnings. Years ago, being a single mom with four kids to feed made getting cash through the door […]


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