It’s been a tough week; here’s my response (& an interactive gift to you)

  Last week I wrote about drive. And how, if you know which of the 6 different types of drives you respond to, you can customize your own way to achieve the goals you want.   One of the types of drives is affiliation, which got me thinking.   Draw close – pull up your […]


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‘I would only believe in a God who knew how to dance.’ Friedrich Nietzsche

Photo Credit: AlicePopkorn via Compfight cc Not many things come to mind that are as entrenched in opinion & perspective as religion. Entrenched as in I’m right, you’re wrong. Opinions such as My God rules, yours isn’t even on the radar. Dichotomous.  Black & white.  Yes or no.  Right or wrong. I was drawn to […]


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