Einstein’s Problem-Solving Formula, And Why You’re Doing It All Wrong

This Fast Company article, by Drake Baer, caught my attention. It’s a Stop Life Lens’ delight. Contemplation. Reflection. Analysis. All soothing words to & strengths of a Stop Life Lens™. Too much efficiency (a.k.a. being hellbent on action) can stifle innovation. Check out the excerpts below or click on the full article above. When asked […]


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Organizers, Prepare To Swoon: “The Art of Clean Up” Puts Messy Reality In Extreme Order

Organizers, Prepare To Swoon: “The Art of Clean Up” Puts Messy Reality In Extreme Order” is a Fast Company article that had me laughing. It could be renamed “Calling all Carrot Life Lenses™.” Does that kind of order, that kind of organization make you want to vomit?  Make you feel constricted?  Make you want to […]


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How Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook Gave New Life To An Old Management Style (from Fast Company)

The following are excerpts from a Fast Company article by Katerina Walter (read the whole article here) – great examples of two very different perspectives working well together, each complimenting & filling in, the other’s shadows without diminishing their own bright spots. The first example is the yin yang pairing of Facebook’s founder Marc Zuckerberg […]


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Training & development learning well November blog post round up

If you didn’t catch all the posts this month simply peruse & click what’s below. Here’s the Rock.Paper.Scissors’ monthly training & development round up for the month of November. Learn well in the training & development learning well.  Dive deep into the learning well or take a small sip. Shower yourself in training & development […]


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Social Media Strategies Summit Unwrapped – 6 resources from the London conference

I just got back from doing a plenary at the Social Media Strategies Summit in London – it was a blue sky, brainstorm balanced with a down & detailed account of how to enhance social media skills. Allow me to uncover & unwrap the highlights for you: Yasmin Joomraty from Warner Brothers introduced me to […]


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Training & development interests, skills & opportunities a la Scott Belsky

“The greatest achievements happen in the overlap of three things: Your genuine interests, skills, and opportunities. To find success, work within your overlap,” says Scott Belsky in a Fast Company article Work Smart: how to find your sweet spot (check him out in the video below). I’m often asked for advice on how to get […]


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Looking for inspiration? Try an ad (especially these unusual ones from Fast Company)

The roots of engaging training can be found anywhere.  You do however have be on the lookout. Some of my ideas have come from advertisements – yep ads.  When I say I’m going to be talking about hairy, naked guy (above specimen) I can see participant’s question marks dancing in the air.  (Curiousity being a […]


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Curiousity may have killed the cat but it’s a trainer’s best friend

The saying, curiousity killed the cat, means if you’re too curious harm may come to you.  That’s true.  In some circles curiousity causes problems (say if you’re a bank teller trying to figure out how to steal money) but in the case of corporate training curiousity is worth its weight in gold. Curiousity opens the […]


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