3 ways you should be using digital tools for life 360 hacks

Overwhelm. Unease. Frustration. Despair. Embarrassment.   Those are just some of the emotions participants tell me they feel when they’re trying to use technology. I’m here to tell you it not only doesn’t it have to be that way, tech tools can actually serve you & make your life a whole lot easier.   Here’s […]


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When it comes to resilience, which are you – an egg, carrot or a coffee bean?

  My friend & I had climbed several of flights of stairs & sandwiched ourselves into high-backed, comfy chairs to listen to the bright minds that had come to speak at TEDx Kilimani, a suburb of Nairobi. Like speaker Sitawa Wafula, award-winning activist & founder of My Mind My Funk, demonstrated recently.   Sitawa had […]


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4 Best Apps for Team Collaboration via Mashable

Check out this Mashable post for the full list of 8 Best Apps for Team Collaboration. Here’s my take on four of them.  Do you have any to add?  Have you used any of the ones below? 1. Dropbox The quintessential app for file-sharing and document collaboration. Through Dropbox, you can share PDFs, files and […]


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How to start a social movement: leadership lessons from dancing guy

In my past post I wrote about how dance can be used as metaphor for getting into your work flow, your zone.  Dance can be used for other things too.  Such as how to start a social movement. Malcolm Gladwell talks about the things that need to happen to ‘tip’ it into mainstream society in […]


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