Training & development learning well July blog post round up

If you didn’t catch all the posts this month simply peruse & click what’s below. Here’s the Rock.Paper.Scissors’ monthly training & development round up for the month of July. Learn well in the training & development learning well. Dive deep into the learning well or take a small sip. Shower yourself in training & development […]


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What does 47 million+ hits on the Numa Numa video tell us about training & development?

If you haven’t actually seen the Numa Numa video below, you’ve likely had the song stuck in your head.  The viral video shows Gary Brolsma, singing along to the Numa Numa song, with unself-conscious abandon. So what’s the deal?  Why 47+million hits? The Numa Numa video demonstrates: being in the zone, in the flow, is […]


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