In honour of sunglasses day, gratitude via the Life Lenses™

  I’d originally planned to write this post in honour of national sunglasses day#NationalSunglassesDay because: of my lifelong interest & passion in lenses, specifically the frames with which we see the world of gratitude for the creativity, inspiration & problem solving opportunities the different frames or perspectives bring it’s a fun, whimsical thing to celebrate […]


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Embracing the moments that matter (or what an Irish Ball & imposter syndrome have in common)

  There are so many moments in life that can seem small but upon some quiet reflection you realize they have so much in common. Here are 7 of those moments & experiences that I was able to come up with in a very short period of reflection that all have something very special in […]


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Training & development learning well June blog post round up

If you didn’t catch all the posts this month simply peruse & click what’s below. Here’s the Rock.Paper.Scissors’ monthly training & development round up for the month of June. Learn well in the training & development learning well. Dive deep into the learning well or take a small sip. Shower yourself in training & development […]


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But what are you actually grateful for? It’s a question that could change your life.

Backed up by rigorous research, the article below (excerpts from a Huffington post article), highlights the influence our state of mind has on our wellbeing.  While you’re reading it, I encourage you to think about how this affects you as a person, a colleague, a boss, a trainer, a friend, a parent, a member of […]


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