The Rock.Paper.Scissors newsletter is out: Resources related to the Learning & Development Checklist for the Birds

This month’s Rock.Paper.Scissors e-newsletter focuses on networking.  Missed the newsletter?  Check it out. (Not on my monthly e-newsletter mailing list? Whatsamatter you?  Sign up for free here.) Last week I posted the article from my newsletter that I wrote based on Munir Virani’s talk about raptors.  He knows a think or two about learning & […]


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Training & development learning well March blog post round up

Sit up, take notice & look back before looking forward to next month.  If you didn’t catch all the posts this month simply usher yourself down to the well & click as you wish. Learn well in the training & development learning well. Dive deep into the learning well or take a small sip. Shower […]


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‘A Maasai without their culture is like a zebra without its strips’ says my Maasai friend

‘A Maasai without their culture is like a zebra without its stripes,’ said Leteipa, our Maasai guide in the Mara for the last couple of days. The Mara (as the Maasai Mara) is known to locals here in Kenya is some 16,000 square kilometers.  Loads of space for learning, musing & having a blast.  I […]


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