Storytelling as a culture builder – 3 resources to help you get storytelling

Storytelling is a strategic tool for building organizational culture, managing change, teambuilding and more.  In my last post I covered 9 tips to help you get storytelling. Here are three resources to assist you in your storytelling journey: Check out Springboard, the classic book by Stephen Denning, considered the grand-daddy of using storytelling as an […]


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Storytelling as a culture builder – how feather dusters & snow globes can help

‘Tell me a story’ are words to make most people’s blood pressure increase.  Just as North American corporate audiences don’t tend to sing or draw in public, we don’t tend to tell stories either. Or do we? The background story We all tell stories and we tell them all the time.  We just may not […]


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Attention! Attention! A test of your attention.

The Heath brothers have written in Made to Stick that our brains are more like a sieve than a sponge.  Instead of soaking up what catches our eye, we’re more likely to strain out things that don’t catch our attention, leaving behind the big chunky bits in the sieve that is our brain. Watch the […]


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Curiousity may have killed the cat but it’s a trainer’s best friend

The saying, curiousity killed the cat, means if you’re too curious harm may come to you.  That’s true.  In some circles curiousity causes problems (say if you’re a bank teller trying to figure out how to steal money) but in the case of corporate training curiousity is worth its weight in gold. Curiousity opens the […]


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Cultural intelligence and the UN Rio World Urban Forum

What’s your CQ?  You may be familiar with IQ, social intelligence and emotional intelligence but the new kid on the block is cultural intelligence. I’m in Rio de Janiero, Brazil at the United Nations World Urban Forum.  I’ve just finished doing a workshop on cultural intelligence, which is a combination of meta-cognition, skills and knowledge, […]


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Are you a sieve or a sponge?

We see what we expect to see. The Heath Brothers, in their fantastic book Made to Stick, talk about our minds being like a sieve as opposed to a sponge – that to remember something it has to be big enough, memorable enough, sticky enough to get caught in the sieve. My sieve got stuck […]


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