The importance of backing up or how not to avoid tears of a 4 year old while not pissing of Uncle Dave

  This poor little 4 year old learns about deleting beloved photo of Uncle Dave (see video clip below). I’m about to start teaching a new Social Media course for UNON here in Nairobi.  I’m soooo looking forward to sharing new tips, tools & techniques for using Social Media to learn, research, ‘listen,’ get organized, […]


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Getting Organized in the Google Era – or how to ski to Thailand

 My last post described 4 main takeaways from Douglas Merrill’s ‘Organizing in the Age of Google’.  Here are four more, specifically related to his top tip –> Search. If you only keep in your head what you truly need then what do you do with the rest? “Don’t file information search for it,” are […]


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