How preschoolers learn? Sounds like good adult ed to me

How preschoolers learn?  Sounds like good adult ed to me. Thanks to good friend Jean DuPlessis for passing this on.  


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Robotic hand beats you at your own game, every time

“A robotic hand designed by scientists at the University of Tokyo, Japan, will beat a person at rock-paper-scissors every single time, says The Daily Telegraph. “Rather than any magic or mathematical algorithm, the robotic hand in fact cheats its way to victory by ‘seeing’ which of the three hand-shapes its human rival is about to […]


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A different perspective on play, thanks to Fred Rogers

Wise words from the wise & adorable Fred Rogers. What do you think of when you think of play? A Mountain Life Lens™ might think of the big picture / how to relax on the whole, while a Carrot Life Lens™ might think of specific things to do. A Head Life Lens™ might ponder the […]


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