Hang out in your head & reflect, then get up off the couch & take action. Rinse. Repeat.

  There’s a time to speak & a time to listen. There’s a time to reflect & a time to act   Last week was for reflection. Today’s for action.   Based on a traumatic incident I had while in the ICU, in the first of this 3 series post I talked about the power […]


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The C word

The C word.   Have it & you’ve got a protective buffer against life’s many challenges. Lack it & every challenge, like a colleague’s careless cutting remarks, stings more than a scraped knee.   Some people look like they’re oozing it, but often they’re only faking – like a house built without a foundation, they […]


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Training & development learning well February blog post round up

Sit up, take notice & look back before looking forward to next month.  If you didn’t catch all the posts this month simply usher yourself down to the well & click as you wish. Learn well in the training & development learning well. Dive deep into the learning well or take a small sip. Shower […]


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Suck or blow? Power surges & power vacuums

Waaaaay back when, when I used to do leadership training with youth, we’d sometimes play a game called suck & blow.  It involved passing a playing card around a seated, circle of people, without using your hands, only by way of mouth to mouth. You could only pass the card by sucking in (holding the […]


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What is culture? 5 ways people from different countries learn differently (& 5 ways we all learn the same)

There will always misinterpretations of culture (like the photo above). I’ve done training & development work in Canada, the U.S., India, the Philippines, the Arctic, Japan, Mexico, Kenya, Saskatchewan, Uganda, Tanzania, Brazil, Spain, France, China and soon, Egypt with workshop participants from more than 80 countries. Currently I’m living & working in Kenya. As a […]


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