A 2 part statement to help you resolve conflict (yep, it can be that easy)

Conflict can be wrenching (pun intended). When we’re in conflict we tend to do more of whatever’s not working.  We can get into an endless cycle of repetition saying the same thing over & over, the ‘he said – she said’ saga.  Can you relate? We’re not exactly wired for conflict resolution To make matters worse […]


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What is the question to this answer? Helen Keller

I LOVE this exercise.  Talk about a tool to increase creativity, critical thinking & more. It could be used as an exercise to warm up for a workshop – e.g. a workshop on culture could simply be introduced by the word ‘culture’. It could be used as an informal assessment for a core concept, to […]


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Questions are the lasers of illumination

Recently I attended a luncheon at the annual CSTD (Canadian Society for Trainingand Development) / IFTDO  (International Federation of Training and Development Organizations) international conference.  Around me were professional trainers of all sorts. Being a born and bred trainer my antennae was up and my ears tuned.  I’d listened to Peter Senge and Romeo Dallaire […]


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