My top 5 reads & why you should read them too

  I lean into learning.   I am a learning junkie – I soak up learning, I seek out learning & I adore adding to my cadre of tools, tips & techniques that I then get to share with my clients in my training workshops.   My partner will sometimes groan with exasperation that ‘not […]


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Simon says … ssssh, be the last to speak

  I saw Simon Sinek, author of ‘Start with why,’ speak at an event in New York City some time ago and found his messages incisive & compelling. Here’s one of his latest.  Check out the 1 1/2  minute video below & my notes from his video also below. ‘Here’s the problem & here’s what […]


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Change management resources related to ‘Switch – how to change things when change is hard,’ by the Heath brothers

In this month’s Rock.Paper.Scissors’ newsletter I review the Heath brothers book ‘Switch – how to change things when change is hard’.  It’s a keeper.  Check out the blog post where I review the book, continue reading for resources related to the theme of change &/or keep an eye out for the next post which includes funny […]


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