Learning enhancing yogurt

Learning.  It’s possible to do it even in the wee hours of the morning. Before a ridiculously self-imposed early morning flight from New York to Vancouver this past fall I found myself grabbing the above yogurt for the plane ride.  When I pulled it out to eat I was greeted with a delightful surprise.  (Note […]


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10 tips for trainers part two: avoiding hairy, naked guys

This is part two of 10 tips for trainers.  See part one here.  It’s my gift to you the day after my birthday.  I figured as I don’t have to wait until Christmas to open gifts why should you. 6.   Avoid the hairy, naked guy; part A when we’re stressed our brains aren’t primed for […]


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Learning comes in all shapes, sizes & venues (including family reunions)

Some prefer their learning delivered through stacks of facts.  Facts lined up with their edges squared and precise, like the desks in an old classroom.  Facts stuffed to (over)fill precious time.  Trainers channeling their knowledge into (supposed) empty and (un)willing brains. Others (in the know) realize that learning needs to be coupled with engagement. Learning […]


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