Through the learning / looking glass – 7 things my reading glasses have taught me about learning

Reading glasses are a relatively new acquisition for me.  They’re never far from my side these days.  In fact I’m wearing them as I type this (that’s me above). Given my focus on learning,  I figure my specs have taught me a few things about learning: Lesson number 1: don’t reinvent the wheel (or frame), […]


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Do you recognize this sound? It’s the sound of change

Ahh the sound of change.  A similar clip was played by Graeme Codrington of at the recent W.I.N. conference in Paris.  While he was playing the clip his 11 year old daughter walked into the room and asked what it was. I can guarantee you that my 9 and 13 year old kids wouldn’t […]


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The creme de la creme of learning

I’ve just returned from a whirlwind trip around Europe, speaking at the WIN conference in Paris, launching Life Lenses™, visiting old friends and meeting new ones. I spent one weekend in Scotland, in a tiny village near Stirling, where an old friend Tara Fenwick has started ProPEL, a “collaborative, multi-professional international network to promote research […]


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