Christmas in Brazil in March & the road most taken

I recently did a marathon.  I drove 17 hours, from Rio Quente to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to present a cultural intelligence workshop at the United Nations World Urban Forum. When the impossibly white fat and fluffy clouds, which have floated in an endless sea of sky, have given way to an inky darkness great […]


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Cookie dough & the delicate balance of today & tomorrow

Before I can blink, with a shake of his shaggy head, my teen inhales food.  All the food.  All the time. Hence I hoard. (Much to his shock, horror and dismay.) “Moooooooooooooooom!” (drawing out the vowel as only a kid can do) “Where is the cookie dough?” (Confession time; I love to make cookies however […]


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The Jungle Called ‘Teenagedom’

How did I get to the middle without realizing I was on the edge? How did I enter this quagmire of parenting a teen without realizing what I was headed towards?  Did I miss the signs?  Is it like the odd time I missed using a box of hand me down clothes because my kid […]


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