Intercultural communication- When up is down & down is up

Have you ever been in a situation where up seemed down & vice versa, where the ‘rules’ didn’t seem to apply? As I was waiting to upgrade my mobile phone chip recently I looked down at the ticket stub the agent had given me to indicate where I was in the queue – number 098. […]


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Understanding differences – 5 simple words that can lead to conflict resolution

I leap out of my seat involuntarily while clamping my teeth together only slightly less hard than I’m pressing my lips together because I’m afraid what I’ll say if I open my mouth. My throat feels like it’s narrower than a pin though, so I’m not sure I could speak.  My breathing is shallow & fast.  […]


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10 tips for trainers part one: bumblebee butts & booty

It’s my birthday tomorrow and as tomorrow’s not a usual day for posting I thought I’d give you a gift today. Ever since I hit the earth some 4+ decades ago I’ve not had to wait for Christmas to open gifts so I thought I’d share the bounty with you, my dear blog reader, with […]


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