Confessions of an introverted trainer

I adore being a learning and development specialist.   Being with people.  Lots of people.  Different and diverse people. And with them, creating a process that unfurls the heads of confusing question marks into tall and proud exclamation marks.  I get it!  I never thought of it like that.  That’s why my (insert your choice of: […]


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Doing things differently gets attention- even when it comes to saying thanks

I’ve been on a roll with two prior posts about how we as trainers can do things differently, in order to help prime our participants for learning.  I think being creative and doing things differently is critical to being a great trainer. If participants don’t want to learn, if they’re not paying attention (to us […]


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An older woman who dares sounds a lot like a fantastic trainer

A post by my new friend Sam made me think about how the qualities of an older woman who dares are similar to the qualities of a trainer who dares (indented parallel bits are mine, the rest is Sam’s). An older woman who dares A trainer who dares Is eager to explore the unknown. Is […]


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Are you a Terrier or a Labrador puppy trainer?

Are you an experienced trainer, wannabe trainer or have just started dipping your toes into the world of training?  Either way you need to know if you’re a Terrier trainer or a Labrador puppy trainer.  Here’s how to tell: 1. If something’s not working in a training do you look at it as an opportunity […]


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