Laugh, learn & lead via God fearing, saved Christian driver

Sitting in infernal Nairobi traffic the other day (or a ‘jam’ as the locals call it), I saw this sign posted on a building. Do you need a God fearing saved Christian driver? Cultural context: Nairobi traffic being what it is, many (privileged) folks have drivers. If you were looking for a driver what qualities […]


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What is culture? 5 ways people from different countries learn differently (& 5 ways we all learn the same)

There will always misinterpretations of culture (like the photo above). I’ve done training & development work in Canada, the U.S., India, the Philippines, the Arctic, Japan, Mexico, Kenya, Saskatchewan, Uganda, Tanzania, Brazil, Spain, France, China and soon, Egypt with workshop participants from more than 80 countries. Currently I’m living & working in Kenya. As a […]


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I’ve unlocked a universal truth … shoes take up as much space as you allow them (4 more learnings about life in Kenya)

At home in Canada, what with our narrow entrance way, I was always after my kids and their friends to keep their shoes to the sides.  But no, inevitably the shoes would end up smack in the middle of the entrance way.  I lost count of how many times I tripped over them. Now in […]


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