How do you get creative? Why use a mosha cup of course

I was driving to pick up my hubbie from the airport and listening to Stuart McLean’s the Vinyl Cafe on CBC radio.  The tunes were great and I was bopping and singing along, a great big grin plastered wide on my face. Stuart was relaying his tales of growing up in Montreal, and, as only […]


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Christmas in Brazil in March & the road most taken

I recently did a marathon.  I drove 17 hours, from Rio Quente to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to present a cultural intelligence workshop at the United Nations World Urban Forum. When the impossibly white fat and fluffy clouds, which have floated in an endless sea of sky, have given way to an inky darkness great […]


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Fall on my knees

It’s late at night now. I’ve gone to bed once but got up as the words to this post were calling. I was supposed to spend this weekend on my own.  Blissfully alone.  Quietly alone. Then I got a call early this morning that one of my kids was sick and would I come and […]


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