How to extend, apply & transfer learning from TEDxNairobi

TEDxNairobiI’ve been having a hoot working with the TEDxNairobi folks to put into place a strategy to extend, apply & transfer the learning from the event.

A WasTED World? TEDxNairobi throws a spotlight on waste in all its forms – Reduce, Revise &/or Reclaim!

By the time you read this I’ll have shared my strategy with the sold out crowd this past Saturday.  You can take a peek at my quick strategy here.

It’s two-fold:

  1. We’ve been tagging related resources on delicious; check them out here.  You can sort for what you want given the listed tags.
  2. I’ve put a ton of resources in a Google doc which you can see here.  Easy peasy – everything’s in one place.  And be sure when you’re poking around in there to take a look at the interactive document where you can share what you can do to Reduce, Revise &/or Reclaim.

So whether you were able to be there or not, please don’t waste any more time & get involved.


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