To you it may be shit, to us it’s money

So says Isaac Durojayie, of DMT Mobile Toilet, Nigeria.  He’s featured in Ashoka’s film on social entrepreneurship called Who Cares. Other than being an utterly captivating film, it’s chock-a-block full of people with unusual perspectives.  People who see the world a little differently.  Like Issac who’s started a thriving social entrepreneurship business, based on a […]


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What do you get when you combine Buddhism, rats & social entrepreneurship?

A mighty interesting combination & a very cool perspective. I heard about Bart’s work when I watched an Ashoka film on social entrepreneurship. Bart Weetjens, is a Belgian zen Buddhist monk, a social entrepreneur who works in Tanzania. He trains rats (yes rats) to detect land mines & TB. My attention was caught by combining […]


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What type of change are you trying to effect? Does it line up with your core purpose & power relationships?

At a recent workshop I attended, by Steve Waddell, put on by Ashoka, here in Nairobi, Steve displayed a chart about GAN’S (Global Action Networks) work on transformation. I’m fascinated by all things related to change and transformation – how we manage it (or don’t), how we deal (or don’t) and how the same change […]


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