Warning: reflections in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty

Our reflections, what we take in & process from our external world, are wildly distorted. Period. End stop. After all, in the Victorian era, plucking a woman’s upper hairline, in order to give one a large forehead, was considered beautiful. Our impressions are distorted by our culture, our sense of place, our geography, our time […]


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Beauty comes …. beauty goes

My last post was about ‘beauty being in the eye of the editor.’ Important stuff.  Serious stuff. And… because I like whimsy and because 1 of Rock.Paper.Scissors’ founding principles was and continues to be humour and improv, there’s always another side. Tongue firmly planted in cheek, where are you on the beauty continuum?


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What’s beautiful is in the eye of the editor

Beauty is captivating.  Beauty is compelling. False beauty draws us slyly to its side.  All the while whispering empty promises. “Buy this ______ (fill in the blank with your choice: car, lipstick, dress, watch….) and you’ll be like me.“ True beauty reflects beauty back.  Welcomes us up onto the same pedestal. The dictionary definition of […]


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