My extended quirky to do list part 6 – my to done’s

My last 5 posts describe an extended, quirky to-do list tool that I use in my corporate training (click here to download a copy for you to use).  It has 5 parts: (I love that out of the 5 categories only two are about adding things.  Can we collectively breath a sigh of relief?) – […]


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Musings on Africa; cookie dough, screech owls, bumper cars & matatus

Back in chilly, wet Vancouver.  Remembering.  Recent musings from Africa. I watched some weaverbirds making nests while running on the treadmill the other morning.  Picking up twigs from the children’s playground they industriously wove them together.  I marvel that they make 5-6 nests for every one they use (better protection).  I especially marvel that the […]


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Change management: Alice in Wonderland with chicken legs or wings

We had been working on designing a survey for youth who had taken part in training at the One Stop Youth Centre.  I was working in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania last week doing follow-up to the program evaluation training I did in Naivasha for the United Nations. Dar es Salaam means ‘haven of peace’ in […]


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Hippos and Irish Drinking Songs

During my recent five days of doing intensive program evaluation training in Kenya for the United Nations,, we created a bit of a spectacle with our training.  To keep the content interesting I constantly did games and activities that were frequently very loud.  The wait staff always hung around to watch.  We play and learn […]


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From my first African nocturnal visitor to my first Blog post

Here’s to firsts. First kiss.  First car, first job, first love.  From the first time you triumphed, and the first time you surprised yourself to the first time you left home (and the first time you came back).  First time you crashed and burned.  First time you discovered your passion.  And here’s to Rock.Paper.Scissors’ first […]


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