‘Engage and develop every young person in the world’ – how about that for an audacious B.H.A.G.

Yesterday I was honoured to co-host AIESEC’s Youth to Business Global Forum in Nairobi, Kenya.  Being on stage in front of 500 delegates from 110 countries was energizing, inspiring and simply all round fantabulous! Wish you could have been there?  Check out their site for recorded videos of plenaries, pictures and more. AIESEC’s B.H.A.G. (big, […]


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The biggest bird on the block in terms of building nest know-how still have to manage their flock, lessons from problem managers

A recent survey in the Canadian HR Reporter, by Claude Balthazard, reported on human resource professionals’ take on problem managers.  Cleaning up after them.  Sometimes repeatedly. The article had some interesting things to say about some organizational cultures tolerating problem behaviour.  A disappointing 35.2% said ‘if they deliver results, we tolerate just about anything’. Talk […]


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