‘A head on approach to tackling water conservation’ plus a brilliant training & development technique

This is a brilliant concept by photographer Peter Holmes, who according to an article from UBC ‘has a head on approach to tackling complacency around water conservation.’

Here’s Germany with 6.3 litres per person per hour

Simply put, Peter convinces his subjects to have the average amount of water a citizen from various cities & countries uses per hour, dumped over their head!

The woman above represents Serbia, which uses 4.5 litres of water per person per hour.

Spain’s average consumption is 12.1 litres/person/hour

It’s brilliant.

It’s visual.

It’s educational.

It’s a silk wrapped hammer – it hits you over the head with its message but you don’t necessarily realize it.


Much better than reading a ton of mind-numbing stats.

It’s an effective, creative training & development technique.

Vancouver’s average consumption is 12.3 litres/person/hour

The project ‘combines art and math to create a message and a reaction in the observer: that fresh water is a precious resource under alarming stress about which most of us are oddly detached and complacent.’

BTW * The figures are calculated by dividing the input of treated, potable water by population. It does not include agricultural, thermoelectric or industrial uses, but does include restaurants and light industry within the municipal limits.

The average American uses 23.75 litres of water every hour


California’s is a whopping 32 litres/person/hour


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