Can you connect all 9 dots? In more ways than 1?

Join connect 9 nine dots social innovation safari creativity exercise

Have you seen this exercise?  Your task is to connect all 9 dots, without lifting your pen, & in no more than 3 lines.

It’s a popular exercise.  I’d seen it years before when I saw this time around during the Social Innovation Safari.  And that, was precisely my downfall.

I knew ‘the solution’ had to do with ‘drawing outside the lines’ so I spent all my time heading down that path.

I didn’t explore options, or more importantly, the assumptions I was making, namely:

– was there another kind of writing instrument I could use?

– could I manipulate the paper, not the pen?

– just how far outside the lines could I draw?

After some inner self-chastisement (for I try to be aware of assumptions & how to bust them) I loved seeing the new (to me) solutions.

It was a good reminder how easy it is to put blinders on & keep on keeping on, down the same ol’ same ol’ path.

In the end our group found no less than 4 solutions.  How many can you find?

I’ll put our solutions in my next post.  Til then, happy puzzle solving.


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