A simple, easy tool to help your blender brain (& your emotional hygiene)

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Blender brain.  It’s what I call the state of having so many things whirring through my mind that it’s hard to focus or move forward.

Can you relate?

Last post I wrote about the intriguing concept of emotional hygiene – a concept coined by Guy Winch – which is being mindful of our psychological health and adopting brief daily habits to monitor and address psychological wounds when we sustain them.

This week I’m offering up a simple, free tool to help you with your own emotional hygiene.  A tool to stop the whirring, whizzing state of your brain for a few moments.


M.F.M. – Mini-for-me (& you)

Years ago, with the intention of meditating a few minutes a day, I created an M.F.M. – a ‘Mini-for-me’ – a tool that helps me press pause & simply reflect.  Why mini-for-me?  Because I wanted something easy to do for myself that would help me relax.

Each day has a different theme for how I want to feel / what I want to reflect on.

(Don’t worry, no master origami skills needed – you can get yours up & running in just a few minutes.  All you need is: a sheet of cardboard, scissors, & if you want to make your own themes, felts or markers.)

Instructions for your own emotional hygiene M.F.M. tool

Want to try it? Want a copy?

Here’s your detailed instructions to achieve a few moments of custom-made peace & well being:

  • If you want to use mine download my ‘Mini-for-me’ & print onto an 8 1/2 x 11 or A4 sheet of cardboard.  If you want to create your own simply start with a blank sheet of cardboard.
  • Fold according to the instructions here (essentially fold it lengthwise into 4 equal sections).
  • Overlap two of the sections so you have a triangle.  Here’s what it looks like from the side when it’s folded (see below).







  • Make a cut between each day of the week, up to the first fold line (see below).







  • For each day of the week simply tuck the flap behind the word you’ve written (or my word if you’re using mine).  Here it is from the front – notice how Thursday’s flap is back so you can see the word I intend to think on today …. serene.







  • Tip: if you are using regular paper instead of cardstock or if you use your mini-for-me a lot, it may need a little support.  I simply put paper clips (yes in the shape of rock, paper & scissors) on the edges of mine.







  • Now go forth & Mini-for-me.  Each day simply change which word is facing out.

Enjoy some peace of mind.  Literally.  And let me know how it goes.



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