A simple, easy tool to help your blender brain (& your emotional hygiene)

Blender brain.  It’s what I call the state of having so many things whirring through my mind that it’s hard to focus or move forward. Can you relate? Last post I wrote about the intriguing concept of emotional hygiene – a concept coined by Guy Winch – which is being mindful of our psychological health and adopting brief […]


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Emotional hygiene – we pay more attention to our teeth than we do our minds (Guy Winch)

  I was listening to the NPR Ted Radio hour podcast recently when something Guy Winch said struck a chord.   Emotional hygiene.   My noggin’ perked up, as I’ve been known to suffer from what I call blender-brain-itis (I can have a hard time shutting the whirring, churning of ideas, to-do’s etc. off).   We’re […]


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