5 lessons on learning from international dancing sensation ‘Where the hell is Matt?’

As I’ve recently been working in Turkey, traveling is on my brain.  Hence the focus on international learning and specifically lessons on learning from international dance sensation Matt, of ‘Where the Hell is Matt’ fame. If this makes no sense to you then I’m tempted to ask ‘where the hell have you been?’ but that […]


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Samba lessons from Brazil

I was recently in a traditional Samba club called Democraticos in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  I was in Rio to do cultural intelligence training for the United Nations and one night, post-conference, a bunch of us gathered in Lappa, a district of Rio. Think people.  Lots and lots and lots of people.  People filling the […]


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Dancing with Dichotomy

How do we live with the ying and the yang that lives inside all of us?  The disparate parts of ourselves.  The parts that conflict.  The puzzle pieces that don’t fit together because they’re from different puzzles. I like boxes.  Little ones.  Wooden ones. Carved ones.  The ones that fancy jewelry used to come in. […]


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