How to make a fan out of a fan; creative marketing ideas

Imagine being in 28 degrees Celsius / 82 degrees Fahrenheit weather and it’s only 8 am.  Your shirt is already sticking to your back and you can feel the sweat sliding down your spine like some amusement park ride gone wild.  As you make your way to the first day of a business conference you […]


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Samba lessons from Brazil

I was recently in a traditional Samba club called Democraticos in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  I was in Rio to do cultural intelligence training for the United Nations and one night, post-conference, a bunch of us gathered in Lappa, a district of Rio. Think people.  Lots and lots and lots of people.  People filling the […]


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Christmas in Brazil in March & the road most taken

I recently did a marathon.  I drove 17 hours, from Rio Quente to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to present a cultural intelligence workshop at the United Nations World Urban Forum. When the impossibly white fat and fluffy clouds, which have floated in an endless sea of sky, have given way to an inky darkness great […]


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