Sisi ni Amani means We are Peace in Swahili- tidbits from this group’s recent retreat

I’ve had more adventures in my life than one person has a right to expect.  I’ve sailed around the world on a ship while going to university.   I’ve worked in -72 degree weather (the Canadian Arctic) & +44 degree weather (Calcutta).  I live in Africa. What I hadn’t done, until now, is work with the […]


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A participant’s edit to a workshop activity leads to an innovative new twist

It’s one of those iffy training exercises.  Asking a North American audience to use their bodies to form a picture is risky.  Eyebrows tend to head north.  Question marks (or the equivalent, #$@#$!) dance above participant’s heads. We North Americans, especially corporate North America tend to divide our brain from the rest of our body.  […]


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