Your team building results are in- check out the most common pitfalls for teams

We all need a little help from our team mates, as the video above so charmingly displays.  Yet high functioning teams, that work well together, & know & understand each other well, while critical to success in the workplace, are rare.   While Forbes says team building is ‘the most important investment you’ll make,’ by the time […]


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Need to assess your team’s assets & gaps? Here’s an easy, one question tool

As I write this from my hotel room there’s a cacophony of birds chirping outside, which is blending with the sweet sounds of Zap Mama (a Belgian, Congolese group) singing Brrrlak from my playlist.    The sun is streaming through a lush canopy of trees, with Mount Kenya shrouded in the mist in the background.  […]


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