Laugh, learn & lead via God fearing, saved Christian driver

Do you need a God fearing saved Christian driver?

Sitting in infernal Nairobi traffic the other day (or a ‘jam’ as the locals call it), I saw this sign posted on a building.

Do you need a God fearing saved Christian driver?

Cultural context: Nairobi traffic being what it is, many (privileged) folks have drivers.

If you were looking for a driver what qualities would you look for?

It got me thinking about training & development.  What do we, as trainers, try to provide for our participants?  And is it what they’re looking for?

My goal, no matter what subject matter I’m teaching, is to have folks laugh, learn & lead –

  • laugh – because we know from brain-based learning that when folks are enjoying themselves & are engaged & curious, that it leads to high retention (not to mention, they like you more as trainer!)
  • learn – well, it’s obvious, that’s we we’re ALL about as trainers
  • lead – because I want people to be able to DO something different after they leave a workshop of mine, I want to encourage transfer of learning

I may not look for a God fearing, saved driver but I am always on the lookout for opportunities to help people laugh, learn & lead.


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