Data visualization at its finest – building a bridge to knowledge from information

Million voicesSomeone, somewhere once said ‘don’t confuse information with knowledge.’

Today’s world is rife with the former & not so much with the latter.

At the click of a mouse anyone (with connectivity) can find out that last 3 presidents of any country, what the temperature will be this coming Saturday in any region of the world & the price of eggs in Stockholm.

What’s harder to find is how to store & sift, curate & comb, analyze & anchor that information into useful, transferable, helpful, practical knowledge.

Enter Azri, an organization that’s doing some pretty cool stuff with data visualization, all with the following aim:

Today, analysis of an explosive amount of data available to every organization is key to enabling them innovate, compete, and be productive. We help our customers unlock value from their data-sets to achieve success!

In other words they help people transform information into knowledge.

Check out this example – a million voices visualizing the world we want.  You can see the data & sort it according to consultations, regions, countries & key words.  How cool is that?


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