How about a bedtime story a million miles away?

Rising up and gracefully meeting the challenges that today’s ever increasingly fast paced world presents can’t be done with the thinking of yesteryear. Changing perspective means breaking out of the bonds that tie our brains down. Encumbered with false assumptions (we’ve gotta do it this way, any other way won’t work, we tried before, it […]


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Assumptions – those sneaky, sly fellows that wreak havoc

I’m a huge fan of assumptions, or rather busting those sneaky, sly fellows before they have a chance to loom large. Making assumptions is the cause of a good deal of conflict, of misperceptions, of stereotyping and of generally mis-seeing our colleagues, companies and collective communities. As big a role as assumption making plays in […]


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4 simple steps for how to get dreams out of your head & into reality

Do you have a hard time getting dreams out of your head and into reality?  Not sure what to do with inspiration when it hits mid-meeting or at midnight? While you may be able to come up with new ideas, what to do with the pesky, flighty fellows is a whole other matter.  Based on […]


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Cultural intelligence and the UN Rio World Urban Forum

What’s your CQ?  You may be familiar with IQ, social intelligence and emotional intelligence but the new kid on the block is cultural intelligence. I’m in Rio de Janiero, Brazil at the United Nations World Urban Forum.  I’ve just finished doing a workshop on cultural intelligence, which is a combination of meta-cognition, skills and knowledge, […]


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Old men who wear hats are really bad drivers

Say what?!?!  Those exact words came out of a participant’s mouth during a training I was giving.  The entire group agreed.  Wholeheartedly.  Emphatically.  Vehemently.  As strong as the moon’s pull is on the tides, their belief was unshakable. Seeing patterns in the waves of information we process every day is as common as craving ice […]


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