What does it take to win Olympic gold in women’s ski cross?

On the last day of the Every Woman conference I got to listen to Ashleigh McIvor, the first Olympic gold winner of the women’s ski cross at the recent Winter Olympics.  She’s tall and lithe and she had some surprising things to say. How often do you think she thought about winning gold? Would it […]


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Bobsledding – brake or steer? You can’t do both

As the sun sets on the biggest celebration Vancouver’s ever seen my thoughts are returning to the Olympic bobsled competition I watched recently in Whistler. Run like hell for up to 50 meters, hop in, head down and then, if you’re the guy in back, you’re only role is to brake.  The person whose back you’re […]


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Head down – it’s in the details

This is the view from the Athlete’s village in the Welcoming Ceremony area …. when you look down.  As a 2010 Vancouver Olympic volunteer I’ve learned a lot about details, alot about looking down. I thought I was a detail person to start with.  I had nothing on the Olympics. Names on athlete’s participation certificates […]


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Leaving behind Tim Hortons at the Olympics

This is the view that greets me most mornings as I start my volunteer shift as a NOC assistant for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Tim Hortons on the sidelines.  Cups of caffeine left behind, lined up along the garbage can, as we weave our way through security into the athlete’s village.  No liquids allowed. There’s […]


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A sneak peak of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

I was lucky enough to take part in the dress rehearsal of the 21st Vancouver Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies. The same ceremonies that will be viewed by some 3 billion (with a b) eyeballs later today. I spent most of the time with tears coursing down my face.  If you were there and if you […]


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Myles Horton & the Olympic Flame

Myles Horton was a famous adult educator in the Appalachian mountains.  He rode the rails with the hobos and learned valuable lessons from them, lessons that I’m applying during my volunteer work at the 2010 Olympics. Fire was valuable to the vulnerable men who hitched a ride by train.  Fire kept you warm.  It protected […]


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