When it comes to resilience, which are you – an egg, carrot or a coffee bean?

  My friend & I had climbed several of flights of stairs & sandwiched ourselves into high-backed, comfy chairs to listen to the bright minds that had come to speak at TEDx Kilimani, a suburb of Nairobi. Like speaker Sitawa Wafula, award-winning activist & founder of My Mind My Funk, demonstrated recently.   Sitawa had […]


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Training & development learning well September blog post round up

September passed in a blur and you missed out on some Rock.Paper.Scissors’ blog posts?  No worries.  Here they are – laid out like a picnic for your perusing – here’s the Rock.Paper.Scissors’ monthly training & development round up. You’ll find all the blog posts for the month of September below. Learn well in the training […]


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When you’ve had a hard day training, listen to this answering machine message for a laugh

Some days it’s hard to remain professional, resilient, supportive, prepared yet spontaneous, calm, centred and understanding as a trainer.  Training and development is hard work.  It’s not for the faint of heart. The following is an school’s answering machine message – it’s not real, it’s a joke.  But on some days …. Caveat: while I […]



Can you sum up resilience in a song? Bella can – listen up.

I had a stroke two years ago, my memory’s not so good. When I get down I simply sing… And with that I was introduced to the remarkable, resilient woman that is Mrs. Bella Kelly. I met Bella while working in a tiny Northern Ontario community where she’s currently living, though she originally hails from […]


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