Linking learning with selling raffle tickets

This summer, as I’ve done for the past some 30 years, I volunteered at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival on the media committee.  I get my hit of music from the world over and I get to give back, make a contribution. I also get to meet interesting characters, like Louise, a fellow volunteer, pictured […]


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T&D lessons from an interviewer at the FolkFest

Should you need to find me during the 3rd week of July, for the past 30 some years I’ve been spending it volunteering for the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. After a full day of multiple stages sending their musical notes adrift on the salt tinged air, when the sun is setting, kissing the mountains goodnight, […]


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Operation secret (Vancouver) Valentine

In response to Kelly Diel’s Operation Secret Valentine, here’s my not so secret Valentine. As the world turns its gaze upon Vancouver to feast on the 21st Winter Olympics, and as the season for pink cupcakes draws near, I thought I’d share my love affair with my home town Vancouver. From the mountains encased by […]


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