Training & development learning well June blog post round up

If you didn’t catch all the posts last month simply peruse & click what’s below. Here’s the Rock.Paper.Scissors’ monthly training & development round up for the month of June. Learn well in the training & development learning well. Dive deep into the learning well or take a small sip. Shower yourself in training & development […]


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‘The little chart that will change your life’ compliments of Stephen Covey

Every since I learned about Stephen R. Covey’s 4 quadrant time management grid I’ve been enamoured. The grid falls along two  axis –  things that are either urgent or not urgent & things that are either important or not. From that falls the four quadrants, which here they are re-visited.  See where you spend most […]


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T&D lessons from an interviewer at the FolkFest

Should you need to find me during the 3rd week of July, for the past 30 some years I’ve been spending it volunteering for the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. After a full day of multiple stages sending their musical notes adrift on the salt tinged air, when the sun is setting, kissing the mountains goodnight, […]


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Weight loss and business lessons

Today I’m celebrating my two year anniversary of having lost 30 pounds.  I learned a lot during my weight loss journey.  Mostly I learned it’s about common sense prevailing over wishful thinking, reducing the power I have to delude myself and accepting some givens without excuses. I also learned about applying the journey to the […]


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