‘Don’t fake it – you gotta feel it’ Mr. B. to his PS 22 Chorus at the Oscars

Mr B is the phenomenal teacher and conductor of PS22 Chorus, the choir that’s taken Youtube by storm.  A recent Time Magazine article describes them as having a tendency to skip traditional chorus tunes in favor of exuberant renditions of pop songs. Mr B recently gathered his charges, from Graniteville, New York, a racially diverse neighbourhood, and flew them to LA to perform at the Oscars.

This ain’t no fancy private school with funds to burn or even an arts focused school.  Rather ‘regular’ kids rocking out to the sweet harmonies they create.  Regular kids doing something far from regular.

So what gives?  Their phenomenal, inspirational teacher, Mr. B.

I was caught by a quote from one of his students, during the pre-Oscar show, who said Mr. B tells them don’t fake it, you gotta feel it. Great advice for life …. and for teaching.

Learning participants, whether they’re in the c-suite or on the factory floor will give you half a chance if you’re passionate about what you’re teaching (your subject matter expertise) AND your teaching itself.  Period.

Making learning engaging, intriguing and sticky starts with you, the trainer.  It starts with being passionate.  And that you simply can’t fake.


Here they are performing at the Oscars…

And another rousing rendition of ‘Just Dance’


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