The Journey Life Lens™ of Loie Fuller’s Danse Serpentine (1896)

Personality traits are telling. So are assessments.

Compared to my last post, where a quote from Picasso encapsulated Destination Life Lenses™, this Danse Serpentine video, recorded by modern dancer Loie Fuller in 1896, symbolizes the view from a Journey Life Lenses™.

There are no straight lines with Journey Life Lenses™. Their process or journey changes as the need arises. Hence the flowing lines of the video (and the picture above).

Destination Life Lenses™ and Journey Life Lenses™ are opposites. Destinations want to get to the point while Journeys are concerned about the process.

Personality traits of a Journey Life Lenses™ on a good day:

  • looks around
  • eye on how things get done
  • includes people in the process

Personality raits of a Journey Life Lenses™ on a bad day:

  • unfocused
  • doesn’t get anything tangible accomplished
  • no direction

What’s your view?

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