A holiday wish for you – treat him right, he is your brother


I’m a huge ABBA fan.  I think Mamma Mia is one of the best, feel good movies ever.  Much to some of my friends’ dismay, I can get lost on the dance floor while grooving to ABBA songs.

ABBA museum here I come


I was over the moon when I got to go to the ABBA museum in Stockholm, Sweden this fall.


My (very patient, Swedish friend) Anna & I danced & sang our way through the exhibits.  There’s a player piano that’s connected to Benny’s studio, so when he starts playing so does the piano in the museum.  We waited to see if would magically start belting out tunes but no such luck.  No worries, there were lots of other things to keep us entertained.




He Is Your Brother

Along the way I heard a song there that was new to me – He is your brother.  The lyrics are very fitting for this tumultuous year, as we head into the holidays & prepare to the turn the page to a new year.

Treat him well, he is your brother
You might need his help some day
We depend on one another
Love him, that’s the only way
On the road (on the road) that we’re going
We all need (we all need) words of comfort and compassion
Treat him well, he is your brother
Love him, that’s the only way

My wish for you

Whatever form of celebration this time of year takes for you, wherever this post finds you & with whom, may you cast a wide net to include many a brother & sister.  May you lean in with love, may you lean on a shoulder when you need it & may you provide a shoulder to others.  We all need that, no matter where on the road we find ourselves.
Now please excuse me, I’m going to dance with abandon to an ABBA song or two.
But in the meantime I’d love it if you’d leave a comment below & let me know what your wish is for the holidays.



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