My recipe for days when even the easiest thing is beyond you


Some days everything is hard. Nothing flows. Mess is looming. Conflict is lurking around every corner. And everything is an effort, even keeping your eyes open.


(You might be having one of those days today.)



On those days be gentle….


…with yourself & others. Grab your comfort clothes of choice (yes even your ratty tatty bathrobe & slippers) & follow my well honed recipe:



  • Smile – if you’re not in a place for a good cry then put a smile on your face. It’ll release chemicals (seriously) that will help ease the pain (note: this is a temporary solution only. I’m not insinuating that every time you feel bad you should stick a fake smile on your face.)


  • Breathe– making sure to breathe OUT longer than you breathe IN. For example breathe in for a count of 3 & breathe out for a count of 6. It’s amazing (truly) how much this helps to establish equilibrium.

  • Sleep – ‘nuf said




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