My top 5 reads & why you should read them too


I lean into learning.


I am a learning junkie – I soak up learning, I seek out learning & I adore adding to my cadre of tools, tips & techniques that I then get to share with my clients in my training workshops.


My partner will sometimes groan with exasperation that ‘not every moment has to be a teachable moment,’ but with all due respect I disagree.


Books have been my solace, my escape, my ladder up & out into the world. From them I’ve gotten an education that I couldn’t have gotten elsewhere.


So you can understand then that every year I set out a minimum of 12 books that I plan to read. I’m happy to share below a quick summary of ½ the ones I read in 2017, along with how to decide if you should read them too. I’ll share the other ½ of my list next week.


I’ve divided them into:


  • My top five favourites for 2017
  • Books for your funny bone
  • Books for the heart
  • Books about how people work & (do or don’t) manage
  • Books about learning
  • Books about teams
  • Books about business communication & strategy



My top 5 reads & why you should read them too

  1. Find Your Why; A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose For You & Your Team
  • ‘How we feel about something or someone is more powerful than what we think about it or them. There’s just one problem with feelings. They can be tremendously difficult to express in words. When we align emotionally … our connection is much stronger & more meaningful … that’s what starting with WHY is all about.’
  • Read Simon Sinek’s book if: you’re human. Seriously get it & devour.


  1. The Hero Within; 6 Archetypes We Live By
  • Jung described archetypes ‘deep & abiding patterns in the human psyche’
  • See everyone as a hero on a journey
  • Free yourself from prejudices & stereotypes about others
  • Recognize the positive potential in negative situations
  • Model right action by staying true to your own path
  • Respect interdependence
  • Read if: you’re a curious human & want to explore your & other’s archetypes – the things that drive you, motivate you, hinder you etc.

  1. White Hot Truth; Clarity for Keeping It Real On Your Spiritual Path From One Seeker to Another
  • Guide to building inner strength instead of outer dependence; practice good manners … with yourself, allow your light to be reflected back to you, hang out with people who love you reward yourself for trying, go beyond tolerating your so-called shortcomings actually accepting more parts of yourself
  • Read if: you’re a seeker & want poetic, incisive insight on life, love, work, play & more


  1. What Do You Do With An Idea?
  • ….especially an idea that’s different, or daring or just a little wild? Do you hide it? Walk away form it? Do you pretend it isn’t yours?
  • ‘Always remember a single idea can change everything’ author’s dedication to his children
  • Gorgeously illustrated children’s book, for the child in all of us
  • Read if: you need some confidence, inspiration &/or gentle kick in the pants for moving forward with that brilliant idea of yours

  1. What Do You Do With A Problem?
  • ‘This is the story of a persistent problem & the child who isn’t so sure what to make of it. When the child finally musters up the courage to face it, the problem turns out to be something quite different than expected.’
  • By the same author & illustrator as above
  • Read if: you’re down & out & need some gentle encouragement & some inspiration


The rest of the books I read in 2017 (in no particular order), with some appearing in next week’s post, are below.


Books for your funny bone


  1. The Ladybird Book Of Red Tape
  • When you need a breather from bureaucracy this little book will give you some laughs like this gem ‘Terry is running out of fuel & requires permission to land. The paperwork should be through in 6-8 weeks.’
  • Read if: you’re frequently mired in bureaucracy, pressed to see any humour in it & need some comic relief


Books for your heart


  1. All There Is- Love Stories from Storycorps
  • I was upset by an old friend’s crumbled marriage due to cheating & this book gave me much needed solace.
  • Storycorps is a fabulous podcast & series of books that gleans lessons from every day life. Super inspiring & easy to read.
  • Read if: you’re a romantic or wanna be romantic & your heart could do with some uplifting


  1. Monkey Mind; A Memoir of Anxiety
  • Recommended to me by a dear friend who struggles with anxiety
  • Rough & tough start but don’t let that put you off
  • Read if: you want an intimate, unusual, insightful look into the mind of someone who suffers from extreme anxiety, as well as the gifts that anxiety can bring


  1. Mama Gena’s School Of Womanly Arts
  • Subtitled ‘using the power of pleasure to have your way in the world’ isn’t about some narcissistic
  • ‘You are the creatrix. You make the rules, you change the rules, so you are never left behind. Your energy is free to glow all about you & through you.’
  • ‘There is a fountain of youth. It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life & the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.’ Sophia Lauren
  • Read if: you’re a woman or know a woman


That’s ½ of my 2017 reading list – my fav 5, books for your funny bone & your heart. Next week I’ll share books for how people work & (do or don’t) manage, books about learning, about teams & business communication & strategy.


Thanks for (pun intended) reading.



Annnnnnnd take action:

  • Click on the 2 or 3 of your favourite sounding books above & pick 1 or 2 to read this coming year.
  • Reading books is one way I learn. Let me know how you learn best – do you read books? Listen to podcasts? Take face-to-face or online courses?
  • Speaking of online courses, I’ll be offering an online planning for a fun, fab 2018 course. If you’re interested in getting more information click here.



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