From overwhelm to organized; technology tips & techniques to serve you

‘All’ I had to do was to choose a picture of a chair from the ones on my computer screen & drag it to the centre of my screen & then write my name below it. It was an introductory exercise for an online course I was taking.


Could I grab that damn chair picture & drag it into the circle? No way, no how.


Hot tears of frustration welled up, as I wanted to hit my head against the screen.


To make matters worse when I finally was able to write my name underneath the blasted chair, it showed up in a ginormous font, big enough that it wrote over everyone’s else’s names.


‘They’re going to think I’m an idiot, that I’m arrogant,’ I thought.

I could feel the bitter taste of shame in my mouth & the feeling of a golf ball lodged in the back of my mouth (that feeling I get when I am excruciatingly uncomfortable). I wanted the floor to swallow me up & deposit me in another universe.


Have you faced an equally frustrating, wanna-bang-your-head-against-your-computer-screen moment brought to you by technology?


When you read the word technology how do you feel?


Overwhelmed? Weary? Frustrated? Dubious?


Do you think technology means disappearing down the rabbit hole of watching cat videos for hours?


Are you time starved & looking for ease & efficiency? Do you have a tiny sliver of hope but don’t know where to start when it comes to technology?

After my bitter tech experience years ago, I decided to jump in with both feet & use technology to serve me instead of the other way around. And now I want to share what I’ve learned about using technology to increase your ease & efficiency so you can avoid going through what I did.


Your course was so informative! You’re truly a gifted teacher! – I have learned so much! ~ Judy Rogness, Pacific Blue Cross.


Join my online course to learn how technology can help you feel:

  • Capable
  • Energized
  • Encouraged
  • Confident


What a great course! I am now more comfortable with so many tools” ~ Julie-Ann Dunwoody, Manager; Training & Development, Boston Pizza International

In my online course you will

  • Have fun as you discover how you can harness the power of very simple tech tools (Yes I just used fun & technology in the same sentence)
  • Amp up your ease in your personal & professional life.
  • Reign in those mind numbing, soul sucking repetitive tasks that drive you batty
  • Be more efficient so you can devote space & time to the unique gifts that only you have to offer the world
  • Feel delighted at the ease with which tech tools can serve you
  • Maximize engagement & creativity. Suffering is optional.
  • Ebb & flow like the Pacific & Indian oceans – we’ll come together in person online for some short, creative teach pieces & then you’ll go off on your own to experiment with the tools I’ll introduce you to.  Then we’ll rinse & repeat for a total of 3 hours.
  • Have time to concentrate on you – time to show up, be present & be focused….. on what you need & want


It was all brilliant. Thank you so much. I feel like I have been given a present and can’t wait to get home and try some of these new tools ~ Here We Are participant


In my online course I promise you I will NOT

  • Take a one size fits all – rather you get to do you, in all your uniqueness
  • Be dreary or guilt inducing – rather you’ll play & have fun
  • Spoon feed you; I’m expecting you to put in the work in order to make the magic happen (but no fear we’ll include breaks & have fun; remember suffering is optional)


We had a great meeting filled with a lot of “ohhh”s and “aah”‘s as we figured new and cool tech ways to solve or assist us in being smarter and/or more efficient ways of getting on with our personal and professional lives~ Hanne, Anita & Susanne, Here We Are, Kenya Founders

FAQs (frequently asked questions)


  • Is this for personal or professional use? It’s either or both – it’s totally up to you & what you need & want.
  • What if I can’t participate live? While real time participation is ideal so you can ask questions, no worries if you can’t because you’ll have access to the video recordings & all the learning resources 24/7.
  • What about refunds? Honestly that’s a good question. I haven’t been asked before. I’m confident that if you show up & do the work that you’re going to get amazing value & learn tons but if there’s an issue I’m confident we can work it out together.



What else past participants have said


  • You took me from ‘apprehensive’ and ‘cautious’ to interested and curious. ~ Julie-Ann Dunwoody, Manager; Training & Development, Boston Pizza International


  • I learned a lot of very useful tools. ~ Dr.Zhang, UNHABITAT


  • I am not so scared anymore. ~ Gerry McAteer, ICBC


  • I learnt about the application of technology to educate. Lee-Anne was very understanding and helpful. With every session I learnt something useful. This is just the beginning. ~ Anne Audrey, UNEP.


  • I was lucky to be among your participants to the workshop in Mauritius. It was such an amazing experience, you’ve been able to teach me some techniques in improving myself in using ICT tools effectively and efficiently. You were wonderful. ~ Anielle D.N Clair



What’s the cost


The cost to participate in the ‘From overwhelm to organized; technology tips & techniques to serve you & increase your ease & efficiency’

  • For the chance to have me live in your home or office for three hours & meet other like minded intriguing people online from around the world (remember this isn’t a canned course where you can’t interact with me & are only watching a previously recorded video) …..
  • For the opportunity for you to show up on time, be focused, be present & carve out a clean & clear window to focus on YOU …..
  • For 24/7 access to the recorded course video & an online portal chockablock full of resources
  • The cost is $99 USD. Well kinda ….



Because wait there’s more…


  • For a limited time, because Community Works© & I’m so simply over the moon delighted to be launching my courses online for your benefit (yup plural, there’ll be more courses coming this year) …
  • I’m offering a super sweet deal. Bring a friend to the online course & you’ll get the course for ½ price – TWO people for $99 USD.
  • Simply pay once & send me your colleague / your buddy’s email & they’ll get access too. Happy two’fer!



When is it?




Are you in? Yeah & yahoo! Here’s what you need to do now to get onboard!


  1. Kudos & congrats! Give yourself a big pat on the back for carving out time to focus on creating ease & efficiency for yourself. Seriously, pat yourself on the back. I’ll wait till you’re done.


  1. Now head over to PayPal& pay $99 USD (OR send me an email saying you’re in & I’ll invoice you – laragan at


  1. After you’ve paid, email me your colleague or friend’s name & email & voila you’re in (for the 2’fer 1 deal).


  1. Stay tuned to receive more information about how to get the most out of the course.



Still undecided? Questions?


Ask away in the comment section below.  Otherwise get onboard with the 4 easy steps.


Yours in ease & efficiency,


Annnnnnnd press play – take action


  1. After patting yourself on the back for deciding to focus on YOU, head over to PayPal& pay $99 USD (OR send me an email saying you’re in & I’ll invoice you –


  1. Then email me your colleague or friend’s name & email & voila you’re in (for the 2 fer 1 deal).


  1. Stay tuned to receive more information about how to get the most out of the course.

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3 Responses to “From overwhelm to organized; technology tips & techniques to serve you”

  1. Nicky Says:
    March 13th, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    What hardware and software is required?

  2. Lee-Anne Ragan Says:
    March 14th, 2018 at 12:58 pm

    Hi Nicky- thanks for asking & for your interest.

    The only requirements are access to the Internet and a program called Zoom.

    Zoom is free and is the platform that I’ll use for the course. You’ll need to download some software but it’s super super easy, I promise! To everyone who registers I send information well ahead of time on how to do that as well as a super short video if you’re new to zoom.

    That’s it. Let’s me know if you have any other questions. Hope to see you online.

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    August 8th, 2018 at 3:46 pm

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