It’s been a tough week; here’s my response (& an interactive gift to you)


Last week I wrote about drive. And how, if you know which of the 6 different types of drives you respond to, you can customize your own way to achieve the goals you want.


One of the types of drives is affiliation, which got me thinking.


Draw close – pull up your chair & gather round.


This week has been tough. For me & some folks close to me.


Nagging health issues have had me strapped into several ominous machines while being injected & having my head in a vice with a Silence of the Lambs type mask over my face. All of which are not my idea of fun (though important caveat: I’m very grateful to have access to the tests).


If things have been tough, complicated, overwhelming &/or stressful for you too, here’s a quick pick you up.


Join me …

… in our very own dance party, to the tune of this uplifting song.

‘cause while things may be rough,

I have faith –

in you, in us & in this messy, complicated, beautiful world.


Have faith (if it’s a really sucky day, pretend if you have to) & know I’ve got your back & this tune for you.


And see you next week with the second way of finding out what drives you.



Annnnnnnd take action




  • And have faith.

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