Tipsy fridges that tip learning over the top

My body went rigid with frustration when, as I closed my fridge, the attached freezer door popped open and stayed open.  It happened again …. and again. I took a quick look in the freezer to see if something was preventing it from closing.  Nope.  I gave up. I came into the kitchen a while […]


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Looking for inspiration? Try an ad (especially these unusual ones from Fast Company)

The roots of engaging training can be found anywhere.  You do however have be on the lookout. Some of my ideas have come from advertisements – yep ads.  When I say I’m going to be talking about hairy, naked guy (above specimen) I can see participant’s question marks dancing in the air.  (Curiousity being a […]


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Best case scenario

“Your mind will automatically go to the worst case scenario.  So practice the best case scenario.” Wise words from my massage therapist. I love when my attention is caught and held by something that shakes up my preconceptions.  That highlights patterns of thinking that I wasn’t aware of.  When my synapses sparkle. With all due […]


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