What is culture? 5 ways people from different countries learn differently (& 5 ways we all learn the same)

There will always misinterpretations of culture (like the photo above). I’ve done training & development work in Canada, the U.S., India, the Philippines, the Arctic, Japan, Mexico, Kenya, Saskatchewan, Uganda, Tanzania, Brazil, Spain, France, China and soon, Egypt with workshop participants from more than 80 countries. Currently I’m living & working in Kenya. As a […]


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And the answer is …… Do First Nations people look you in the eye? More cultural lessons for training & development

Two weeks ago I launched a contest based on a comment I hear fairly frequently when I’m doing cultural intelligence, diversity and/or access and inclusion training.  And that comment is ‘First Nations people don’t look you in the eye.’ Besides being a generalization, it’s way more complicated. I learned another way of saying ‘yes’ and […]


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